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A state where people are economically secure.

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Mission Statement
The Center for Asset Development creates wealth building opportunities through education, partnerships and advocacy to influence policy for building secure futures for all Mississippians.

About Us
The Center for Asset Development (CAD) is dedicated to responding to the asset building challenges of low to moderate wealth families in the state of Mississippi. We are committed to resource identification and instructive forums that yield tangible and measurable results. Our focus is to address the issues that sustains impoverished living among individuals, families and communities. Our goal is to help rewrite life scripts and reframe mindsets regarding the generational poverty cycle and attitudes toward family and community sustainability. CAD seeks continuing partnerships to develop need-based strategies to assist underserved people and underdeveloped communities. We encourage diverse partner alignments. We know that developing meaningful relationships across racial and cultural lines is necessary to addressing the 21st century challenges of low wealth communities.

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